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Lutzville Vineyards

Lutzville Vineyards

Lutzville Vineyards

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The secret behind the rich character, approachable style, juicy fruit and elegant structure of our wines lies in our unique location on the West Coast of South Africa. Fresh Atlantic morning breezes roll in and cool down the vineyards. The hot sunny days and crisp evenings result in large temperature differences between day and night. Matched with our ideal soils, these micro climates happily conspire to create the best growing conditions for our grapes – the perfect ingredients for our outstanding South African wines.

Venture off the beaten track and discover the secret behind every bottle of Lutzville wines…

Lutzville Vineyards – Our Wine

Lutzville’s cool climate weather conditions combined with our diverse terroir give us the perfect foundation for creating our fruit driven & elegant wines. With access to over 100 different vineyard sites in the Lutzville Valley, we hand select the best grapes every vintage to ensure quality and consistency.

From the vineyards to the winery, the utmost care is taken in making our wines. After gentle pressing, only the first press free run juice is used. Using selected yeasts, the white wines in the Lutzville range undergo cold fermentation to retain their purity and fruitiness while the reds undergo short oak maturation to enhance flavour and add complexity to the wines…

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