Vredenburg Business info

can be found by using the Cape West Coast App. Local businesses in Vredenburg a town in the Peninsula region of the Cape West Coast. As a result use this business directory and get all the info you want. Download the App now and have the info always available in the palm of your hand. Also find the Local Restaurants, Things to Do and accommodation in the area.

Forest Friends Urban Farm
  Forest Friends Urban Farm - Natural Fertilizer Fresh Organic Produce such as vegetables, greens, herbs and fruit grown in an environmental friendly way at the aquaponics farm in Vredendal. For the Kuys-couple in Vredenburg the dream of an urban aquaponics farm became true. In 2016 they bought a plot of 1 hectare in the Western-Cape town of Vredenburg with the idea of developing an aquaponics farm in the town where their market is local, therefore all around them. It produces healthy Read more [...]