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Namaqua, the popular range of boxed and bottled wines from Namaqua Wines, caters for the taste and pocket of the majority of South African and international wine drinkers. Our Cellar is the largest selling wine brand in South Africa. This success can be attributed to the dedication of our winemakers to deliver value to our consumers, to extensive advertising & promotions, as well as distribution that ensure availability in even the smallest towns throughout South Africa.

At Namaqua we believe that wine is there to be enjoyed, pure and simple – and that you don’t need a pile of dictionaries, a snooty French waiter and a degree in wine making to appreciate good wine! The only complicated thing about wine should be the process involved in making a good one… and since we’re already taking care of that part, there’s nothing left for you to do but find your favourite Namaqua, grab a glass and enjoy!

We know that everyone has a taste preference when it comes to wine, which is why this site gives you an overview of all our products and which flavours to expect when you drink it. That way it’s so much easier to find the one you’ll love! Browse through the different sections to find out the secret ingredient to our amazing wines, where to stay if you decide to take a trip to Namaqua country, the latest news from Namaqua and more. And if you want to pour yourself a glass of Namaqua while you explore… Well, we’d be more than OK with that!…


As if our wine on its own isn’t amazing enough already, Namaqua is situated slap bang inside one of South Africa’s richest, most diverse and most beautiful wine regions – the West Coast Wine Route. It’s probably better if you don’t pay it a visit, because you might not want to leave again. But hey, if you’re brave enough to take that chance, you can find out more about the region here:

Just remember, we warned you!

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