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More about the people, area, attractions of the West Coast of South Africa. The Things you can see and do in the “Weskus” West Coast. With plenty of activities and specific character in the region. Visitors comes from all over the world to experience the delicious cuisine, extraordinary sights and sounds , concentration of arts, history and culture.

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Bokkoms or Bokkems is whole, salted and dried mullet (more specifically the Southern mullet, Liza richardsonii, a type of fish commonly known in the Western Cape of South Africa as "harders",and is a well-known delicacy from the West Coast region of South Africa. This salted fish is dried in the sun and wind and is eaten after peeling off the skin. In some cases it is also smoked. It is sometimes referred to as "fish biltong". The word bokkoms comes from the Dutch word bokkem, which is Read more [...]