The Square Spoon

The Square Spoon Restaurant

The Square Spoon Restaurant

The Square Spoon Restaurant

The Square Spoon Restaurant in Paternoster

A Spoonful of Stories

The stories we write every day are our invitation to you to join us and become authors in our mission of writing…

These “authors” have the amazing gift of writing with spoons on your plates and our hearts. Louis, Annelise, Spamba, Randy, Jenny, Deoné, Dawn, Poppie, Elzaan, Carmen, Cindy and Uncle Sam are passionate about their stories….

Our Food

We have fused Mozambican and West Coast dishes. The “hot” Mozambican (East Coast) way of things is blended into the West Coast way. Some things on the West Coast are just too special to change and have been incorporated to leave a soul print on every plate and spoon.

At the Square Spoon we are passionate about the bounty of the sea: fresh fish, mussels, oysters, prawns and crayfish are all on offer.

Salads and vegan/vegetarian dishes add to the variety. Carb-Clever options ensure that even while on holiday you can enjoy an exquisite plate of food!

Experience a Mozambican Steak on the West Coast in the company of friends and family…

The Square Spoon Story is a: passion for everything we can do together, story of Love, energy and endurance, way of Sharing, sharing is not only what you have, but who you are is the essence of happiness Our story can only be complete if we are able to share.

Louis and the Square Spoon Team value your support.

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